A.K.Children Academy is proud to provide a unique educational setting designed to challenge each student while nurturing them and allowing each student to be an important part of the school. We seek to equip young people morally, physically and academically to make their contribution to the wider world in the sphere they choose. It is about developing character and confidence through great teaching and abundant opportunities to strive, do, make, perform and learn Every student is important and we know all our students as individuals and work with them. Aptitudes and abilities of every individual are known and valued. Learning with joy is at the heart of all that we do within the school. We know that happy and confident students are much more likely to rise to challenges, to commit themselves, and to develop their talents to the full. Our school has modern facility with a bright atmosphere, this create an ideal learning environment and helps us to achieve the highest standard in education. Happy learning is successful learning. Equipping our students to become well- balanced adults who are able to make informed decisions, ready to seize the opportunity and meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world flooded with all kinds of information, ideas and technology. There is a technological, informational and emotional revolution taking place today and the onus lies on the school to lay a firm foundation for a strong character, a caring, a loving and an upright personality. The process in turn results in what most parents dream of a lasting bond between them and their child, to become true leaders for the challenging world of tomorrow, children are guided to respect all religions, others point of view and all culture. They learn, in the true sense of community service, to make other people their own and to share whatever they have.

We also believe that education of a child is a collaborative responsibility of the school, teachers, the students and the parents. Our school functions as a learning community where teacher act as facilitators and guides.

Future is, of course, uncertain. Of one thing, however, we are sure, with the support of our parents, the guidance of our management, the commitment and dedication of our staff, the energy, enthusiasm and talent of our students, AKCA will go on to even greater success in the future.

The website aims to provide you with an insight into the values, characters and ethos of the school, but to fully appreciate what AKCA has to offer, we warmly encourage you to come and see us at work.


Warm Regards

Tanusri Bhattacharya