Giving personal care to our students is of prime importance to us.  Individual attention is paid to each child for his/ her Holistic Development. All his/ her activities are keenly supervised by a team of dedicated and devoted teachers.


Culture is a way of life. A person’s education is not evaluated by his degree alone but also by his principles, values, approach towards life i.e. his culture. Culture can’t be taught in a day it can be inculcated in a person when he is of an impressionable age. We at AKCA try to achieve this by:

  • Evaluating every student monthly through moral instruction chart.
  • We celebrate every child’s birthday which helps to keep in touch with our basic Indian culture.
  • In our assemblies we celebrate the rich culture of India.


In our school lessons are taught with a practical approach. Teachers try to co-relate the lessons with child’s day to day experiences wherein he/she can apply the concepts being taught in class. Children at every step are motivated to understand the concepts and then frame the answers themselves. Our display boards, art n craft display, projects, presentations showcase the creativity of our students.


Building confidence has also been one of our endeavors in school. To achieve this aim.

  • Wider spectrum of topics is covered which makes the child confident while increasing his general level of awareness.
  • A number of activities like quiz, debate, plays, dance, music, art etc. are held on regular basis and for which periods have been allotted in the time table.
  • Intra and Inter school competitions also provide exposure and benchmark on various aspects.