Nurturing the Children to grow as complete Human BeingsĀ AKCA stands for- Acquire Knowledge through Curiosity and Ability.


To inculcate a sense of discipline, imbibe moral values and arouse an interest to learn by interactive and innovative methods.


  • The curriculum will give every student the challenge and motivation to develop their individual abilities and talents to the full.
  • To provide a safe, challenging and stimulating environment for learning.
  • To become successful learners and independent thinkers in the ever-changing 21 st century.
  • Adopts the values required to be an active and responsible citizen.
  • Encouraging students to demonstrate a concern for those in need.
  • We expect all our students to show respect, honesty and kindness and to believe in the limitless potential of people
  • To promote the understanding in every student that we are all equally different and to respect the individuality.
  • To uphold the beliefs, preserveĀ culture and Indian traditions. To sensitize them towards the degradation of the environment around us and to pledge to maintain a green, clean and safe environment.
  • Every student is highly valued and expected to achieve their potential through academic challenge, sporting endeavor and technological innovations.
  • To mold the child as a best achiever, all rounder and a top- level success personality.