Our school lays great emphasis on teaching moral values to the students as part of the curriculum, we believe true moral education is about acquiring virtuous habits. We have a separate period in which children are given Moral Instructions (M.I) daily. We strongly and firmly believe in Indian Culture and traditions eg. touching feet of the elders. Monthly topics taken in M.I are also informed to the parents and the students are encouraged to follow it at home also.

Life Skill Classes

The Life Skills program offers tools for dealing with the stress of adolescence in the modern world. Its messages and methods are carried from the classrooms to each and every corner as framework for a universal atmosphere of respect and fairness.

Value Education

A programme begins by identification of goals and learning outcomes characteristics that we expect the children to develop. Thereafter learning exercises that will enable children to achieve the intended learning outcomes can help the children towards holistic development.

Assemblies are conducted through the week and each class conducts a special assembly according to the given topic as per the schedule.


Special programmes are prepared to celebrate the different festivals, national days- Independence & Republic Day. Birth anniversaries of national luminaries like Tagore, Gandhiji, Guru Nanak etc. are celebrated. The emphasis is on sensitising the pupils to our national and cultural heritage, promoting and encouraging creativity, spontaneity and make responsible citizens of tomorrow.


The school has a big colorful, well lit Art n Craft room. It encourages children to draw, paint and prepare beautiful craft items and give vent to their imagination.


Students learn dance to enjoy, have fun to keep fit, get rid of mental stress. Students actively participates in Inter-class, Inter house and Inter-school competitions with joy and pride.


Children enjoy the music classes and various competitions. The curriculum is built to have flexibility to adapt to individual learning style.

The school believes in the wholesome, all-round and well integrated growth of its students. To enhance their creative skills, specialized classes are conducted in the various clubs.


  1.  English Dramatics Club
  2. Creative Club
  3. Ramanujan (Maths) Club
  4. Green Buddies club
  5. Performing Arts (Dance) Club
  6. Jhankar Club


  1.  NCFE- NCFE plans to motivate school students to learn the concepts of finance and also measure their financial awareness so that they inculcate an important life skill at an early age leading to sound financial decisions later.

Students from class I to X are allotted one of the four houses- Sarojini, Gandhi, Tagore, Laxmi Bai. House system provides team spirit a feeling of belonging to the school, peer group cooperation. It also enables the senior students to show their care and help to their junior schoolmates. Each house is under the charge of a House master/ mistress who acts as a link among all the students of the house. He/ She ensures that pupil identify themselves completely with their respective houses. Inter-house competitions are held throughout the year in extra-curricular activities and sports. Individual and the team winners are awarded prizes and points accrue for the house.

Intra school Competitions  not only enhances the competitive spirit in them but also helps them to learn socialization skills and method of living.

  • Science Exhibition organised by School students
  • Slogan Writing on No Tobacco day
  • SPELL BEE: Organised at IPS School.
  • III Position in SCIENTIFIC TOY organised at KR Manglam
  • II Position in MOSAIC ART organised at KR Manglam
  • III Position in CELOPALA organised at KR Manglam
  • II Position in ROYAL RIGOUR 2017 organised at Royal Kids
  • Most Eloquent Speaker prize in ENTHUSIA 2017 organised at Adharsheela Global
  • Participated in CREO organised at NWS
  • Secured II and III position in different event at MELANGE 2017 organised at Jaipuria School


  • The Green Olympiad 2017 (TERI)
  • CBSE Heritage Quiz 2017
  • National Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2017
  • CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad 2017

Students of classes IV TO X run the School Student Council which is the mainspring of school leadership. Through this council students discuss and deliberate on a host of issues relevant to their life at school and seek avenues to channelize their leadership potential in constructive ways.

Recognizing the need to pay their debt to society, students are expected to participate in some form of social work. These types of programmes help students develop a sense of service especially towards those less fortunate than themselves, for society & Environment.